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Can You Modify String Constants In C#?

Here’s an interesting question I’d like you to think about: Is it possible to modify a string constant in C#? So, imagine if I declare a constant string somewhere in my code, something like this:

The question is, can I add code to the
Main method that will modify the contents of
Sentence? Will the […]

Four Easy Steps To Find Your Passion In Life

Would you like to find your passion in life? It took me over forty years to find my very own passion. All the clues were there, right from the start of my early childhood. But I never put the pieces together, and it took the wisdom of four decades of life to finally figure everything out. Like […]

Merge Blogs With SEO Redirection Premium

I am a Multipotentialite. What does that mean? It means my skills span more than one field or area, rather than me being strong in just a single area. For example, I’m a pretty darn good C# developer. But I’ve also been a CTO, CEO, raw food pastry chef, dividend growth investor, classroom teacher, online […]

Travel Hacking: The Trick To Traveling In Style

I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life, and every time I booked a flight I would take an economy class seat. I’ve had amazing experiences and fascinating conversations, but I’ve also experienced the colicky baby, the cramped seat, the overweight neighbor with BO, and the mushy airline food. I’m vaguely aware that there […]

10 Ideas Per Day – The Ultimate Creativity Hack

I’m an avid reader of James Altucher’s work. In one of his articles, he makes a very interesting suggestion: Every day, write down 10 new ideas. That’s it. Every day, take a pen and think of cool new ideas. Doesn’t matter what they are. Just write them down, and keep on writing until you have 10 […]

Don’t Hire Employees Until You Make 300k

I am a serial entrepreneur. I hooked up with my business partner in 2000 as we launched our startup Designstate in the Netherlands. We bootstrapped the company from zero, with no seed funding whatsoever, and in 3 years we grew the company to 12 employees and half a million USD in yearly revenue. Five years […]

How my first startup went bankrupt overnight

My story starts 21 years ago when I graduated with a Physics diploma in my pocket. After scouring the job market for 6 months, I finally landed a job as a junior developer at a software company in The Netherlands. For the next 4 years, I honed my skills and became quite proficient in Microsoft technologies. I […]

Executive managers are going extinct

Here is an image that often gets thrown around to illustrate the consequences of IT automation in the workforce. The map shows the most prevalent job in each state of the USA. You can clearly see that there are a lot of truck drivers. A recent estimate puts the total number of truck drivers in […]

Well-meaning advice and other horrors

When I was young my mother always told me to take advice and criticism from other people seriously. Her philosophy was that other people had already learned what works and doesn’t work in life, and you could save yourself a lot of time and trouble by heeding their advice. I took this to heart, and to this […]

Harvest: a beautiful invoicing app

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or if you have your own incorporated limited company, at some point you’re going to need to invoice your clients. There are many apps out there that can automate this for you, but which one should you choose? Do you go for the all-in-one solution that automates your entire business, […]

Four simple tips for happy stress-free travel

I’ve done a lot of travelling in my life, and every time I booked a flight I would take an economy class seat (or “cattle class” as a good friend of mine calls it. But I have a dream. One day I want to be able to book a business class seat on an international […]

9 months of course portfolio growth

Nine months ago in March I published my first C# programming course titled C# Performance Tricks: How to Radically Speed Up Your Code. Two months later I felt confident enough to quit my day job and focus entirely on producing courses. My goal is ambitious: I want to survive on passive income generated entirely by […]