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The simple math behind financial freedom

One day I would like to retire and live entirely off my passive income. I can already see myself lying in a hammock on the beach somewhere in Bali, sipping a Piña Colada and doing a little writing and blogging just for fun while my monthly income finances my laid-back lifestyle. Sounds good? But let’s be […]

Recent buy – AAPL

In this article I am going to take a detailed look at AAPL to find our if an investment in Apple is a good choice for me. Ten years of financial data At first glance everything looks fine. Revenue and income are steadily rising over the years and both operating cashflow and free cashflow are […]

The illusion of a savings account

My mother never really trusted banks. She was born only a few decades after the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic and so she grew up with people who had seen first hand how money and companies became worthless overnight. Many people of her generation believe that banks cannot be trusted, that stock market speculation is […]

Recent buy – REE

When I was young I had an unusual hobby. My brother and I would roam the streets on Sunday evenings sorting through other people’s trash looking for old televisions and radio’s. What we found we took home with us and then disassembled, sorting all the components in neat little piles. My dad had a filing […]

How I analyze dividend stocks – part 2

Almost 15 years ago I made a bold step in my career: I quit my steady IT job and launched a startup with a friend. This was in the waning years of the IT bubble and software development work literally grew on trees. Our growth rate was exponential. Our accountant would come to our office […]

How I analyze dividend stocks – part 1

After taking a long hard look at my life I can’t help but feel that I have handled my finances all wrong in the last decade. Let’s go back in time 14 years to my younger 30 year old self. He had three times as much in the bank as I have now and was […]

Dividend growth investing

Three years ago I decided to invest some of my money in stocks. My bank paid out a lowly 1.5% interest at the time and I had read stories of top investors buying stock low and selling high, playing the market and raking in 10-20% in profits each year. How hard could it be? The […]

The quest for passive income

Three years ago my fiancée introduced me to a fascinating game that I had never seen before called Cashflow. In the game you start out as a plumber, a lawyer or a doctor and try to raise your income as fast as possible. The game stresses the importance of passive income – income received on […]