Online Video Courses

My courses are online training videos designed to efficiently teach your team any kind of technology, skill set or tooling. They are hosted online and can be accessed individually, they are between 2-4 hours in length, and they can scale up to hundreds and even thousands of students.

Educational techniques

The big advantage of online video courses is that they scale really well. Where classrooms have a maximum capacity of at most 20 people, an online course can scale up to hundreds or thousands of students. For example, my C# Performance Tricks course currently has 1500+ students, all accessing the course material individually.

Unfortunately online courses are also more impersonal than a classroom setting, because the distance between student and teacher is much greater. To keep my audience engaged I use several educational techniques in my videos:

I use short 15-minute lectures
I explain complex information in a very clear and accessible manner
I add quizzes before and after lectures for students to test their knowledge
I give out homework assignments to stimulate creativity
I maintain an active discussion forum and engage with everyone

Research has shown that online course students are primarily interested in solving specific problems, and not in pursuing broad academic knowledge. Therefore I design all my courses with a strong “how-to” approach: I start by presenting a particular problem or challenge, and then show students how to accomplish the objective in a compact 15-minute lecture.

Another technique I use is reinforced learning. I make sure my students retain their knowledge by repeating the same information a couple of times:

I start with an introduction what the student is going to learn
Then I explain the topic in a clear and concise manner
My lecture concludes with a recap of what the student has learned
Next comes a quiz to test if the student has retained the knowledge
And finally I give out an assignment so the student can apply the knowledge

This repetition ensures that students retain their knowledge for a long time, and they are more able to apply their new skills to situations outside the context of what is covered in the course.


I have published 9 video courses to the Udemy platform. Here is a selection of reviews I have received from my students.

‘Eye opening course. Well structured, crafted and delivered. From content to presentation one my favourite courses.’

Philippe PariseauCourse student

‘Excellent explanation for each item. Detailed, clear and concise information shown in each example.’

Carlos MaradiagaCourse student

‘The course and presentation of the material is really good.’

Jeffrey HoferCourse student

‘This course is invaluable in helping me make the switch to writing traditional desktop and web apps.’

Mohammad ArshadCourse student

‘Mark demonstrates Anti-patterns in a precise and awesome manner.’

Insik Joe ChoCourse student

‘I really like Mark’s teaching style and highly recommend his courses.’

Stone LasleyDirector of Information Technology at Blendtec

‘Mark made what was an imposing subject, easy to understand.’

Joel KaneshiroCourse student

‘Mark goes through clearly and succinctly in 10 minute lectures what would take an entire college class to discuss.’

Oliver YuCourse student

‘Fantastic Course!! Fantastic Lecturer!! Highly Recommended!!’

Scott WilsonCourse student

To get an idea of what an online course could looks like, please check out any of the following courses. Registration is free and only requires an e-mail address. Note how I use a strong “how-to” approach in each course.

Five Tricks To Radically Speed Up C# Code
Multi-Threaded Code Intro: Learn How To Exchange Data Between Threads
Five Design Patterns To Improve Your C# Code

These courses are hosted on Teachable. This is an affordable hosting platform for educational content, and any course can be white-labelled or designed to match your company brand. I can also show you how to host courses on your own IT-platform.

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