My presentation on the bankruptcy of my tech startup DesignState and what I have learned from the experience. @Brussels, Belgium

Public Speaking

I am an experienced public speaker and can present keynotes and breakout sessions on a wide variety of subjects, including founding a tech startup, dealing with failure, investing, building passive income, and experiencing personal growth

Founding a tech startup

I am a serial entrepreneur and have founded two tech startups in The Netherlands during the first and second IT bubbles. Guiding a new startup towards the point of self-sustainability is a wild ride with pitfalls everywhere. I can speak from experience when saying it is very hard to get it right.

I can share my experience on the following topics:

How to rapidly scale without losing focus
Working with a business partner
Building a strong team
Heeding early warning signs of trouble
Dealing with failure

I gave a presentation for Antiheroes in Brussels about my first startup DesignState, how the company rapidly collapsed over the span of a couple of weeks, and what I learned from the experience.

Passive Income

I have published a large portfolio of online video courses that generate passive income for me. I can explain the difference between active income and passive income to an audience of entrepreneurs, and how to use passive income to invest and eventually reach a point of financial independence.

I can share my experience on the following topics:

Active income versus passive income
How to build a business that generates active and passive income
Financial Independence
Building a stock portfolio

I gave a presentation for Codino in Barcelona about my educational business selling video courses, and how I structured the business to generate passive income for me.

Personal Growth

I have experienced many setbacks in my career, including one bankruptcy, years of financial loss, toxic clients, having to re-enter the job market at 43, facing harsh criticism, finding self-motivation, and many others. Overcoming these obstacles has put me on a path of continuous self-improvement, and has helped me acquire new skills that I’m eager to share with a wide audience.

I can share my experience on the following topics:

Dealing with failure
Establishing boundaries
Building confidence
Finding your superpower and your kryptonite
Design your life around your superpower

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