My workshop on how to build a sustainable income by selling knowledge. @Barcelona, Spain

Training Workshops

My workshops are interactive training sessions designed to quickly get your team up to speed with any kind of technology, skill set or tooling. They use a classroom setting, usually last for 2-5 days, and work well for groups of up to 20 people.

Educational techniques

My workshops use a combination of passive and active educational techniques to keep my audience engaged, and for quickly and efficiently disseminating new knowledge:

I use short lectures to present new information
I present what-if cases and invite the group to discuss (“do you think this will work? why not”)
I talk about actual problems your business is facing and discuss possible solutions
I give assignments (“build this in one hour”)
I evaluate homework with the group

Research has shown that people are only able to absorb new knowledge for a couple of hours before getting exhausted and losing focus. Therefore I focus on short passive lectures in the morning when everybody is fresh, and gradually shift to more and more interactive teaching techniques during the day, to make sure everybody stays alert and focused.

Standard Microsoft courses

I am very familiar with the standard Microsoft course material, and have taught the official curriculum in a classroom setting for many years. I can train teams in the use of .NET programming languages like C# and Visual Basic.NET, teach them how to build distributed applications with WCF Web Services, train them in server-side Web Development with ASP.NET on Windows or Linux systems, help them optimise SQL Server databases, show them how to build an Enterprise Architectures with Biztalk, and assist them in migrating their applications to the Azure cloud.

Custom workshops

My speciality is to custom-build courses to your particular needs. Below are some of the customised workshops I have developed and presented throughout my career:

Use SQL Server to vet evidence against war criminals – International Criminal Court, The Netherlands
Integrate C# code with machine language – 
Philips Medical Systems, The Netherlands
Store medical X-ray images in SQL Server – Ikazia Hospital, The Netherlands
Enterprise Application Integration with DTS – DHL Systems, The Netherlands
Build an Enterprise Service Bus – Philips Medical Systems, The Netherlands
Learn Proactive Thinking and a Developer Mindset – Inverto, India
How to Process very large XML files in C# – Océ, The Netherlands

I have also developed online course material that teaches developers how to write high-performance C# code, create robust multi-threaded code, use Software Design Patterns responsibly, and how to run .NET code on Linux servers.

I can provide you with a standard or custom-designed workshop that focuses on any need or issue you wish to address.

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