AI and Machine Learning

Learn how to master artificial intelligence and machine learning

Learn how to write AI and machine learning applications in C#, F# or Python with Microsoft’s ML.NET and CNTK machine learning libraries. Or go cloud-scale and deploy your datasets and training pipelines directly to the cloud with Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Become A C# Expert

Learn advanced C# software development skills to supercharge your code

Learn advanced C# topics like application performance optimization, advanced threading and task scheduling, and how to use creational, structural and behavioral design patterns to improve your code.

Brush Up Your Leadership Skills

Get ready for your next role as solution architect or CTO

Prepare for your new role as solution architect or chief technical officer with this comprehensive preparation training courses. Learn which soft- and hard skills to cultivate and how to work with your team and peers to make your new role a resounding success.

Got Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about any of my online training courses? Then feel free to use this request form to ask me anything you like. I will get back to you asap to answer any questions you may have.

I’m usually quite busy at work, so keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours before I’m able to reply to your request.

My Clients


During 25+ years of teaching, I have met tens of thousands of students from hundreds of companies across the globe. Here is just a small selection of companies I worked with throughout my career:

My Partners


Check out these training agencies I partner with in the Netherlands and abroad. I can work with any of these agencies to provide you with a fully-equipped training classroom with desks, student computers, a beamer or smart screen, and teleconferencing cameras for hybrid training.

Hear Me In Action

Listen to me in this live podcast

Would you like to hear me in action? Then check out this podcast (in Dutch) I did in 2022 for Master-it Training in Utrecht. In the picture with me is Ruud Coumans, product manager at Master-it, hosting a series of interviews on modern trends in IT. In the podcast we talk about recent developments in big data analytics.

Which Data Warehouse Technology Will Lead In The Future?

by Mark Farragher | The Master-it Podcasts


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classroom Training
  • Microsoft Training
  • Online Training
  • Misc
What is a classroom training?
A classroom training is a live event in which I will present the training lectures and help you complete the lab exercises. You will be sharing the classroom with your colleagues and learn together as a group.
Where is a classroom training conducted?
Depending on your needs, classroom trainings can be conducted on-site at your place of work, in a fully-equipped classroom at a training agency, or online in a multi-day Microsoft Teams or Zoom session.
Who should attend a classroom training?
A classroom training is ideal for tech professionals who can commit to full days of learning and want to learn together as a group.
How am I supported in a classroom training?
I will continuously support you live, because we’ll both be in the same physical or virtual classroom together.
What is a Microsoft training?
A Microsoft training is an official classroom training course from the Microsoft training catalog that will teach you essential tech skills and prepare you for a certification exam.
What's included in a Microsoft training?
You will receive online course content, access to an Azure sandbox environment, lab exercises, a practice exam and an exam voucher.
How long do I have access to a Microsoft training?
You have unlimited access to the training content, 180 days access to the lab environment and 30 days of access to the practice exam. The exam voucher is valid for a year.
How can my team and I attend a Microsoft training?
Please provide your requirements in the form on the training pages and I will contact you as soon as possible to plan and set up your training.
What is an online training?
In an online training you can study the training lectures and work on the lab assignments in your own time and at your own pace. You can spend as many or as little hours per week as you want on the training. This training format is ideal for tech professionals who have irregular work hours and cannot commit to a classroom training.
What's included in an online training?
You will receive prerecorded online video lectures, text lectures, multiple-choice quizzes and homework exercises.
How am I supported in an online training?
You are supported through email, and you can also book a 30-minute video support call with me if you want. I will help you with the training lectures and lab exercises and get you ready for your certification exams.
Who should attend an online training?
An online training is ideal for tech professionals who want to set their own learning pace and prefer to work independently with a bit of guidance and support throughout the training.
Are you a certified trainer?
Yes. I started classroom training in 1997 and obtained my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) credential in 2005. I currently have more than 25 years of training experience.
What is the maximum size for a classroom training?
It depends on the size of the classroom, the team and the complexity of the subject. But typically, groups of up to 15 students work best. If you have a larger group, it's best to split them over multiple training sessions.
Can you provide training in a non-English language?
Yes, I am fluent in English, Dutch and German thanks to a multilingual upbringing by my international family. I can provide any training in all three languages.
Will you travel to my country to provide a classroom training?
Yes. I am based in Amsterdam and often travel abroad to provide classroom training in other countries. I love meeting my students on-site, no matter where they live.