Machine Learning with C# and ML.NET

In this unique training, you will learn how to create cutting-edge AI applications in C#! The training will introduce you to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and get you fully up to speed with Microsoft’s exciting new ML.NET machine learning library. You will learn the basics of regression, classification, and clustering and master machine learning algorithms like logistic regression, decision trees, and boosting ensembles.

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C# Projects



Training Details

This training will get you fully up to speed with Microsoft’s new ML.NET machine learning library.

You will learn all about regression, binary and multiclass classification, clustering, and recommendation. You’ll also master popular learning algorithms like the decision tree and the three types of ensembles.

As you progress through the training material, you’ll design, train, and evaluate many complex machine learning models on your own computer.

I will provide you with all the datasets, source code and libraries you need to get going and build your own machine learning apps in C#.

Name: Machine Learning with C# and ML.NET

Format: self-paced

Content: training lectures, video lessons, quizzes and lab assignments

Requirements: a Windows laptop with the NET Core Framework and Visual Studio Code installed.

Support: Slack channel + email support

Associated certification: none


All homework assignments in this training teach you how to build machine learning applications with the C# programming language. If you prefer another language, please check out these alternatives:

Sneak Preview

Check out this complimentary training chapter in which I will teach you about overfitting, a challenging feature of many machine learning systems where the model has become an expert on the noise in the dataset. Even though the evaluation scores of an overfitting model usually look excellent after training, these models will actually perform very poorly in practice.

Training Curriculum


Course prerequisites

Installing NET Core 3.0

Installing Visual Studio Code

Machine Learning

What is machine learning?

Loading And Processing Data

Numeric data

String data

Geo data


Lab: process California housing data

My answers


Supervised Learning



Linear regression

Regression metrics

Gradient descent

Multiple linear regression


Lab: predict taxi fares in New York

My answers


Binary Classification

Binary classification

Binary metrics

ROC, AUC, and Bias


Lab: predict heart disease

My answers


Multiclass Classification

Multiclass classification

Multiclass metrics

The confusion matrix

Micro and macro averages


Lab: recognise handwriting

My answers


Training And Evaluating Models


Partitioning data

Minibatch training

K-Fold Cross Validation


Lab: detect spam messages

My answers


Decision Trees

Classification trees

Regression trees


Lab: predict Titanic survivors

My answers


Ensemble Models

Bias and Variance





Lab: predict bike sharing demand

My answers


Unsupervised Learning



K-Means clustering

he Davies-Bouldin index


Lab: classify Iris flowers

My answers


Recommendation Systems

Principal Component Analysis

Single Value Decomposition


Lab: recommend movies

My answers


In Conclusion

What you’ve learned

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“Thanks a lot. Your explanations were on point and helped me a lot in improving my code👏”

Asanda Mkhize, online student

See Me In Action


In 2020 I was invited to Budapest by GLC Europe to give a 3-day training on Machine Learning in C# with Microsoft’s brand new ML.NET library. I had already been working for months with Cesar De La Torre, Microsoft’s program manager for AI, to develop this training and GLC was the first training agency in Europe to offer it to their students.

I took this photo after I had finished setting up my training table and laptop, and just before the students entered the room to start their first day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a classroom training?
A classroom training is a live event in which I will present the training lectures and help you complete the lab exercises. You will be sharing the classroom with your colleagues and learn together as a group.
Where is a classroom training conducted?
Depending on your needs, classroom trainings can be conducted on-site at your place of work, in a fully-equipped classroom at a training agency, or online in a multi-day Microsoft Teams or Zoom session.
Who should attend a classroom training?
A classroom training is ideal for tech professionals who can commit to full days of learning and want to learn together as a group.
How am I supported in a classroom training?
I will continuously support you live, because we’ll both be in the same physical or virtual classroom together.
What is a Microsoft training?
A Microsoft training is an official classroom training course from the Microsoft training catalog that will teach you essential tech skills and prepare you for a certification exam.
What's included in a Microsoft training?
You will receive online course content, access to an Azure sandbox environment, lab exercises, a practice exam and an exam voucher.
How long do I have access to a Microsoft training?
You have unlimited access to the training content, 180 days access to the lab environment and 30 days of access to the practice exam. The exam voucher is valid for a year.
How can my team and I attend a Microsoft training?
Please provide your requirements in the form on the training pages and I will contact you as soon as possible to plan and set up your training.
What is an online training?
In an online training you can study the training lectures and work on the lab assignments in your own time and at your own pace. You can spend as many or as little hours per week as you want on the training. This training format is ideal for tech professionals who have irregular work hours and cannot commit to a classroom training.
What's included in an online training?
You will receive prerecorded online video lectures, text lectures, multiple-choice quizzes and homework exercises.
How am I supported in an online training?
You are supported through email, and you can also book a 30-minute video support call with me if you want. I will help you with the training lectures and lab exercises and get you ready for your certification exams.
Who should attend an online training?
An online training is ideal for tech professionals who want to set their own learning pace and prefer to work independently with a bit of guidance and support throughout the training.
Are you a certified trainer?
Yes. I started classroom training in 1997 and obtained my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) credential in 2005. I currently have more than 25 years of training experience.
What is the maximum size for a classroom training?
It depends on the size of the classroom, the team and the complexity of the subject. But typically, groups of up to 15 students work best. If you have a larger group, it's best to split them over multiple training sessions.
Can you provide training in a non-English language?
Yes, I am fluent in English, Dutch and German thanks to a multilingual upbringing by my international family. I can provide any training in all three languages.
Will you travel to my country to provide a classroom training?
Yes. I am based in Amsterdam and often travel abroad to provide classroom training in other countries. I love meeting my students on-site, no matter where they live.