Alertness Tracker For A Self-Driving Car In C#

I presented this webinar in 2019 for the students in my C# Computer Vision bootcamp.

In the webinar you’ll see me develop an alertness detector for a self-driving car that uses live head pose and eye gaze tracking to make sure that the driver of a self-driving car is paying attention to the road.

1 Hour



Webinar Contents

The Challenge

Alertness in self-driving cars

The GM Supercruise system

How to detect alertness

Head Tracking

Landmark detection

Facial landmark points

Tracking a head in 3D

Eye Tracking

Landmark points for eye trackig

How to calculate the state of both eyes


The C# tracking app

Live tracking demo

The C# Code

DLib and OpenCV

Using DLibDotNet and OpenCVSharp

The WPF application

Landmark detection in C#

Eye state detection in C#

Head tracking in C#

Putting the pieces together

Watch The Webinar

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Download The Source Code

Would you like to experiment with your own code? Just click the button to download the exact same source code that I use in the webinar. Use my code as a starting point to develop your own C# computer vision applications!


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