How To Write Very Fast C# Code

I presented this webinar in 2017 for Postsharp, a company that has developed a very cool toolkit that allows you to write aspect-based C# code.

In the webinar you’ll see several techniques to write very fast C# code. I will demo code to speed up exceptions, string handling, array manipulation, loops, structs, memory copying, and instantiating and accessing objects.

1 Hour



Webinar Contents

Throwing Exceptions

The exception overhead

Parsing corrupted data

Benchmark: Parse vs TryParse

Fast String Handling

Working with String

Working with StringBuilder

Working with char pointers

Benchmark: String vs StringBuilder

Benchmark: StringBuilder vs Char*

Fast Array Handling

Single and Multidimensional arrays

Fast array indexing

Benchmark: 3 vs 1-dimensional arrays

The LDELEMA IL instruction

Fast Loops

The Enumerator overhead

Benchmark: for vs foreach

Inspecting the compiled IL code

Structs versus Classes

Structs and classes in C#

Benchmark: struct vs class

Stack and heap memory

The impact of adding a finalizer

Fast Memory Copy

Byte arrays and byte pointers

Benchmark: byte[] vs byte*

The CopyTo() method

Bemchmark: byte* vs CopyTo

Fast Object Instantiation

Using Activator.CreateInstance

Using dynamic IL injection

Benchmark: reflection vs dynamic IL

Fast Property Access

Using reflection 

Using dynamic IL injection

Benchmark: reflection vs dynamic IL

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Download The Source Code

Would you like to experiment with your own code? Just click the button to download the exact same source code that I use in the webinar. Use my code as a starting point to develop your own benchmarks and dramatically speed up your C# apps!


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