AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developer


In this five-day training, you will learn how to develop end-to-end solutions for the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. The training will introduce you to Azure virtual machines and containers, Azure functions, Azure web applications, Azure storage, cloud authentication and authorization, cloud app security, developing message- and event-based cloud solutions, and much more.

This training prepares you for the Azure Developer exam and certification.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Live Training Days

Lab Assignments

Azure Sandbox

Practice Exam

Exam Voucher

Day Lab Access

Training Details

This training will get you fully up to speed with developing end-to-end solutions for the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

You will learn all about Azure virtual machines and containers, Azure functions, Azure Web Apps, Azure storage, how to implement authentication and authorization, and how to secure your cloud solutions with Azure KeyVault and managed identities. You’ll also learn how to consume Azure services and third-party services, and how to include event- and message-based models in your cloud solutions.

As part of this training, you’ll receive an Azure Pass with credits to spend on your own cloud services. The pass is valid for 30 days.


Name: AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developer

Format: Classroom

Content: training manual, online lab, Azure cloud credit, practice exam, and an exam voucher

Requirements: a laptop with a web browser installed. Chrome or Edge is recommended.

Support: Live classroom support

Associated certification: Microsoft Azure Developer


Training Curriculum

Azure App Service web apps

Core concepts

App Service wep apps

Configuring and monitoring web apps

Scaling app service apps

Staging environments

Lab exercises

Build an Azure PaaS web app

Azure Functions

Azure Functions overview

Stateless functions

Durable functions

Lab exercises

Process tasks with Azure Functions

Azure Storage

Azure storage concepts

Blob storage lifecycle

Working with blob storage

Lab exercises

Upload to and download from Azure storage with the .NET SDK

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB concepts

Cosmos DB data structure

Working with Cosmos queries and data

Lab exercises

Migrate a demo database to Cosmos DB

Implementing an IaaS solution

Provisioning Virtual Machines

Create and deploy ARM templates

Create Docker container images

Azure Container Registry

Azure Container Instances

Lab exercises

Deploy compute services with VM images and Docker containers

Authentication and authorization

Microsoft Identity Platform 2.0

The Microsoft Authentication Library

Microsoft Graph

Authorizing data storage operations

Lab exercises

Authenticate and query Microsoft Graph with MSAL and the .NET SDK

Secure cloud solutions

Azure KeyVault

Azure Managed identities

Azure Secure App Configuration

Lab exercises

Access secrets from Azure KeyVault

Azure API Management

API Management overview

Defining API policies

Securing cloud APIs

Lab exercises

Create a multi-tier cloud service with Azure API Management

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps overview

Creating custom connectors

Lab exercises

Automate long-running business processes with an Azure Logic App

Event-based solutions

Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Hub

Azure Notification Hub

Lab exercises

Publishing and subscribing to Event Grid

Message-based solutions

Azure Service Bus

Azure Queue Storage

Lab exercises

Asynchronously process messages with Azure Storage queues

Monitor and optimize Azure solutions

Azure Monitor overview

Instrument an app for monitoring

Analyze and troubleshoot apps

Handling transient faults

Lab exercises

Monitor services deployed to Azure

Integrate caching and CDNs

Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Content Delivery Network 

Lab exercises

Ehance a web app with Azure CDN

Request A Classroom Training

Feel free to request a classroom training with me by filling in this contact form. I will contact you asap to discuss your business requirements, team size and preferred location of the training to make sure your team members get what they need.

A typical classroom training can usually be scheduled within 30 days and can accommodate up to 15 people on-site or online.

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I have learned so much from your courses, looking forward to more great content. Keep up the amazing work!

Adam Lindqvist

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classroom Training
  • Microsoft Training
  • Online Training
  • Misc
What is a classroom training?
A classroom training is a live event in which I will present the training lectures and help you complete the lab exercises. You will be sharing the classroom with your colleagues and learn together as a group.
Where is a classroom training conducted?
Depending on your needs, classroom trainings can be conducted on-site at your place of work, in a fully-equipped classroom at a training agency, or online in a multi-day Microsoft Teams or Zoom session.
Who should attend a classroom training?
A classroom training is ideal for tech professionals who can commit to full days of learning and want to learn together as a group.
How am I supported in a classroom training?
I will continuously support you live, because we’ll both be in the same physical or virtual classroom together.
What is a Microsoft training?
A Microsoft training is an official classroom training course from the Microsoft training catalog that will teach you essential tech skills and prepare you for a certification exam.
What's included in a Microsoft training?
You will receive online course content, access to an Azure sandbox environment, lab exercises, a practice exam and an exam voucher.
How long do I have access to a Microsoft training?
You have unlimited access to the training content, 180 days access to the lab environment and 30 days of access to the practice exam. The exam voucher is valid for a year.
How can my team and I attend a Microsoft training?
Please provide your requirements in the form on the training pages and I will contact you as soon as possible to plan and set up your training.
What is an online training?
In an online training you can study the training lectures and work on the lab assignments in your own time and at your own pace. You can spend as many or as little hours per week as you want on the training. This training format is ideal for tech professionals who have irregular work hours and cannot commit to a classroom training.
What's included in an online training?
You will receive prerecorded online video lectures, text lectures, multiple-choice quizzes and homework exercises.
How am I supported in an online training?
You are supported through email, and you can also book a 30-minute video support call with me if you want. I will help you with the training lectures and lab exercises and get you ready for your certification exams.
Who should attend an online training?
An online training is ideal for tech professionals who want to set their own learning pace and prefer to work independently with a bit of guidance and support throughout the training.
Are you a certified trainer?
Yes. I started classroom training in 1997 and obtained my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) credential in 2005. I currently have more than 25 years of training experience.
What is the maximum size for a classroom training?
It depends on the size of the classroom, the team and the complexity of the subject. But typically, groups of up to 15 students work best. If you have a larger group, it's best to split them over multiple training sessions.
Can you provide training in a non-English language?
Yes, I am fluent in English, Dutch and German thanks to a multilingual upbringing by my international family. I can provide any training in all three languages.
Will you travel to my country to provide a classroom training?
Yes. I am based in Amsterdam and often travel abroad to provide classroom training in other countries. I love meeting my students on-site, no matter where they live.